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"Welcome to my website, enjoy Your stay."

CrownMuzik Entertainment is born from Hip Hop. CrownMuzikEnt provides services in the areas of music (creating, performing and promoting), writing (subsidized publishing and freelance journalism) and art (custom portraits and graphics). Because of our work (with rap and r&b acts, gospel groups, poets, workshop leaders and quick sketch artists), we participate in events throughout the United States. We have found the power of expression, through the Hip Hop that lives within us.

CrownMuzik Entertainment Music,Writing, & Art ---- From An Underground Perspective ---- Since 1992

All Copyrights are Reserved under CROWNMUZIK ENTERTAINMENT & MANAGEMENT 1992

Welcome and Happy Holidays 2010 Resolutions

To the CrownMuzik Ent fam:

I would just like to extend my gratitude and thanks to many for your support and now the launch of Crownmuzikent the website where we will do all new things for the new year.  I will also use this tool for exposure for new artists and artists that want to get involve with CrownMuzik Ent for additive exposure.

So be on the look I have enclosed my information for those who want to at me on this tool and I am willing to help others if they are serious about what they are doing.


Jantre-CrownMuzik Ent

Happy Holidays and New Year

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For other inquiries:
Attn: Jantre-CrownMuzik Entertainment

LaShad Slater

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Little Rock, AR. 72205

Business Phone: 1(501)240-9648

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